Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blast Off!

     Here is my second wheel chair cover. (I never took a photo of my first one.) This one I made for a gentleman who used to work for NASA in the Apollo 11 project. His mind is completely intact and I visit him regularly in the retirement home. He had a stroke and is extremely weak in his legs and needs a wheel chair to get around and can't use one arm at all and can hardly use his other arm. This wheel chair cover was my Christmas gift to him.
Up, Up, and Away
The clouds and the flames are stuffed so that they are somewhat three dimensional. I hand-painted the moon and the rocket and the flames. Then I added thread sketching before I quilted it.
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Starry Night

May you all have a peaceful and Merry Christmas.

Thanks for reading my posts. I appreciate your kindness and support.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Unseasonably Warm

     I haven't been posting lately because I've been stuck and unable to show what's been on my design wall. I was working on a call for entry and got to a point where the work just got ugly and I didn't know what to do with it. I had a vision for it, but couldn't get it to come out. Meanwhile, at my sketching sessions with my friends, I was sketching a couple of designs for quilts that quickly came out of nowhere and are just what I want, but don't fit any calls for entry. Go figure. (I can't wait to make those quilts, but those will have to wait.)
     So I took the ugly work off the design wall. And I put up a new one for a different call for entry called Florida in Fabric. It's due in January. Since I live in Florida, I've been meaning to enter this one and have just been putting it off until I got the other one done. This new one has been flowing nicely. I had the fabrics already created. I monoprinted them awhile ago when the call came out. I created patterns on the gelatin plate that reminded me of sand, ocean, sky, tides, etc. and used colors that reminded me of walks along a beach.
     Then I assembled the panels of the fabrics collage-style on batting, added image transfers of photos I took, added stitching, appliqué, and other surface techniques (it's still in process). Here are some close-ups of it so far.
bird panel

shell panel

beach grass panel

That's all I can show you so far. But I'm very happy with it.
     As I've been working on it, I'm getting a feel for what went wrong with my other call for entry and am ready to try again. It's not due until February. What I'm learning is to do work that comes from my heart and and if I have to work too hard to make it come out, then it isn't meant to be. This piece about Florida came together very quickly and easily because Florida is a part of me and I could smell and feel the beach as I assembled this quilt. It has been a joy to make.
     If I can immerse myself back into the location where I experienced the other call for entry (it was in Panama where I took the photo that I'm trying to interpret into cloth), then it also will come from the heart and will just flow and be a joy to make. And now that I've stepped away for a bit of time, I think I can start over and do it right. And this time, I think it will just be easy. And if it isn't, then I'll pass on the other call for entry, do the one for Florida, and get busy making the quilts whose designs appear to me out of nowhere. They are the ones that are meant to be for me.
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

SAQA Trunk Show

     I finished my piece for SAQA's Trunk Show.  The Trunk Show is literally just that. The quilts get mounted professionally and then put into a trunk and then travel to all sorts of guilds and venues for up to three years. If the artist wants to offer them for sale, they are put up for sale, if not, then they are returned to the artist at the end of the show. They all have to be 10" x 7" and they will premiere at the 2014 SAQA conference in Washington, DC, and then travel all across the United States and around the world. I got to see one of the trunk shows at our art group meeting one month and the quilts we saw were spectacular.
     Here's my contribution:
Resonating with the Universe
If you look back at its beginnings from the impromptu session ( Impromptu ), I ripped out much of the stitching and redid it to place the right elements on top. All of the stitching is done by hand (unusual for me) except for the yarns on the outer edge. Those are machine zigzagged on. (I never know how to spell that.) zig-zagged? zigzagged? zig zagged?  Please comment and correct me on the spelling. The computer spell check accepts all of them.
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