Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How Do You Make Repair Work More Fun?

     Even though we are artists don't we get asked to repair clothes for our family members? And, in my case, since my husband does so many good things for me, how can I refuse? But I do hate repair sewing. It is so uncreative. Plus, I'm not very skilled at it. I don't take the time to read how to do a repair; I just look at what needs to be done and figure out my own way so that I can be done with it.
     The latest repair request was to sew up some holes that had appeared in the crotch of his favorite shorts.
holes from outside

     He asked me to put a patch on it. I thought a patch there would cause discomfort, so, instead, I used a darning stitch on the machine and did a nice job with matching thread and sewed and disguised the offending area. All was again in the creative mode in the studio (or so I thought).
sewn up on the outside

     After he used them once and they went through a washing cycle, the holes were back. So a patch was indeed required. Well ... My mischievous nature took over...  I used a matching thread for the outside and darned the holes shut.

     But, on the inside, I chose a fabric for the patch that had character!
patch on the inside
      When I gave him back his shorts, I said, "here they are with a matching thread on the outside so that it won't be quite so noticeable." He inspected the outside and agreed that no one would notice, especially since it's deep in the crotch. Then he opened up the shorts to look at the inside and started laughing and said, "Oh, So well done!"
     I think I now know how to have fun with repair sewing. Do any of you have any hints on how to enjoy repair work?

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