Friday, April 24, 2015

What Is The Value Of Working In A Series?

     How long should I keep on working on my watercolor sketches of my oil lamp? I asked myself that this week. I was starting to miss sewing and there isn't time to do everything. I decided to do a few more sketches because they are small (about 4x6)  and quicker than pieces that I can sew. I want to improve my watercolor technique because I thought that would improve my painting technique on fabrics. Secondly, I want to free up and get more creative with ideas on ways to include the oil lamp in the sketches because that would help me come up with creative designs for my art quilts. And thirdly, I want more practice using the compositional background formats I learned in the class I took that I blogged about here. All of these couldn't but help improve the composition of my art quilts. That's the plan anyway. (But I do now have plans for a series of art quilts and plan to start sewing some small samples this week.) They have nothing to do with oil lamps, though.
     To keep on the creative side, I decided to put the lamp in places that a lamp wouldn't fit. And use some humor, too. Here are my sketches from last week. And here are my sketches for this week.
The S-Format

The Cruciform Format
The T-Format (sort of)
The last one was for Earth Day. So I think I'm discovering the value of working in a series for me is that I'm working more quickly, I'm coming up with ideas faster, I'm less afraid to try things out, my technique with watercolors is improving, and I'm developing a style with watercolors.  I'm linking this to Off The Wall Friday where you can find other art quilt blogs. Please make comments on the artists' posts to let them know you stopped by. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love this take on working in a series. And, I think you have hit upon the benefits of a series for you. Fun to see your next series, not related to lamps, emerges.

    1. I certainly have been having fun with it and learning from it.

  2. Hi Regina, I feel like I have been missing in action. I think I'm just about ready to get back into the studio. I have missed seeing you on FB. Are you still posting there? Love the idea for your new series.

    1. I have been on Facebook, about once every two weeks or so. Maybe you aren't seeing my posts. Sometimes FB filters what you see. You may have to click on my name on FB and click follow. I've had to do that with pages they have decided I don't want to see anymore even though I do want to see them still.


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