Friday, October 2, 2015

Do You Like To Work With The Seasons?

          This week not only did I tie up another loose end, but I tied it in with the autumn season as well. Way back in a blog post here,  I wrote about how I had some artwork that was going nowhere and I decided to rework it. I started it off and it was going well, but then I lost my verve for it and it sat waiting after I had added the top section and bottom section. Part of the reason was because I didn't have the right green fabric for the sides and I hate shopping. I went to the closest quilt shop and they didn't have the right hue. Finally I drove to the next nearest quilt shop and found exactly what I needed and I was off sewing on it again. I'm sure there was an easier way, but to finish it these are the steps I followed:
1.) Hand sew batting onto the sides.
2.) It wasn't nearly straight so I had to add extra fabric to the sides in places.
3.) Sew magenta fabric strips onto the sides.
4.) Sew green fabric onto the magenta fabric.
5.) Quilt onto the green fabric with a rayon rust colored thread (no backing fabric).
6.) Sew tabs with green fabric.
7.) Pin tabs to backing fabric and make a pillowcase backing.
8.) Quilt in the ditch down two sides lengthwise.
After all the handling the leaves were starting to show some wear so I dabbed them with matt medium to keep them together. (After all, they are from 2007.)
     It was nice to know that I was able to rework the art to a form that I like much better.
I bought the hanger at Ten Thousand Villages a fair trade store. It was amazingly inexpensive and they come in many sizes. We have one about 40 minutes away, but you can get them on-line, too.
Autumn Leaf Scroll

Scroll Detail 1

Scroll Detail 2
     So now the problem is what to do with it. I can't find anywhere in the house to hang it (Unless I take another one of my husband's things down and put it in its place instead.) No, I think I've done that enough times already. Working on this now did help me get in the mood for autumn even if it is still pretty hot here in Florida. Our first real cold front may come through next week. Maybe I'll get to wear a sweater soon. Exciting!
     I'm linking this to Off The Wall Friday where you can find other art quilt blogs. Please make comments on their posts so that they know you stopped by. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Hi, Regina. Stopped by from Nina Marie's. Just love the colors and the technique on your Autumn Leaf Scroll. I can only admire from a distance the changing season sentiment. It's still in the 90°s in Tunisia. Feels like summer to me...And I really like your header "where fabric and stitch create reason to pause." Well said!
    best, nadia

    1. Good to here from you, Nadia. We don't get autumn colors here in Florida. I haven't seen them in about 30 years. I hope to make a trip soon to them. Thank you for your kind comments.

  2. Interesting process...from the centre outward. I'll have to remember that! And...I've bought a few of those wonderful hangers over time (We have 10,000 Villages here too; there's one in Red Deer...a totally tempting shop!!). They lend just the right touch to a piece with an exotic 'feel'. Perhaps you can rotate your hangings and put this one up in place of one of your others, just for autumn?


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