Friday, November 3, 2017

What Do You Do To Keep Inspired?

     Do you ever feel like you need to search for inspiration? I have many things I do to keep inspired. I take notice of the things around me when I'm out and about, I read art books, I browse Pinterest images, I meet with artist friends, and I take the occasional class or workshop. If you have been reading my blog, then you know that I am presently enrolled in Jane Dunnewold's Art Cloth Mastery Program. As part of this, I've attended 4 weeks of classes in her studio in San Antonio studio and done lots of work at home. The latest session for me with her was last week. I've learned numerous new techniques there as well as doing color studies in paint and dye and honing composition skills.
at my work station applying soy wax paste to silk

     As part of the composition skills, I've gotten better at knowing how to layer images. She has been so generous in showing us her processes in creating beautiful pieces.
Jane showing us her process in creating part of her latest series
     The first day each session always involves each of us putting up our latest works for discussion. I do have a design wall at home, but not big enough to put up all of my latest at once. This was the first time I got to see all of mine from this class together.
What I've created so far in the class
     The theme for them has to do with changes and cycles. I'm hoping to have a total of 12 by the time I'm finished with this series. Not sure I can do it, but that's the plan.
detail of one showing stitching
detail of another one showing stitching
This session, one of the new techniques I learned and loved was lamination. She has a book that illustrates this process, but it was so useful to see it demonstrated in person and see numerous examples of it on finished works and on samples. I was so inspired by it that I can't wait to use it in my works and on clothes.

One of my lamination experiments
Another one of my lamination experiments
Spending every day for a week with students who are like-minded and also on the same journey is inspiration, too. Now that I'm home again, I have to settle down and get to work...lots of work. Our last session is in February and ends in an exhibit of our work. So, for now, my well is happily full. I'm linking this to Off The Wall Friday where you can find other art quilt blogs. Please make comments on the artists' posts so that they know you stopped by. Thanks for visiting.


  1. merci d'avoir partager avec nous ce processus de cours avec Jane

    1. You are very welcome. Maybe someday, you can take a class with her.

  2. Leaves are the perfect motif to use with lamination. I love the way it allows the wabi sabi of crumbling fall leaves to shine.

    1. I find the images of leaves in decay to be very attractive and symbolic of many things. I'm glad they play so well with lamination.

  3. OMG, your leaf pieces are spectacular! Sounds like a great learning and growing experience.

    1. Thank you. The class was just what I needed to find my way forward in my art. So fulfilling, too.


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