Friday, October 31, 2014

Are You Afraid To Take Scissors To a Finished Piece Of Work?

     Haven't we all made pieces that are just OK, but need some work to be better? I have several. I have this photo that my husband took in a night market in Laos on one of our trips.
Night market scenery

I wanted to use it in my art some day. I decided to experiment with it and make a small piece first. I focused on one umbrella and imagined it in puddles and ripples of water. I wasn't at all crazy about the outcome so I put away for several years.
Umbrella with ripples
One way to fix up works that don't work is to cut them up into smaller pieces. So recently I took out my mat board view finders and checked out what it might look out if it was cut into two pieces.

view of one half
view of other half
I thought it had promise so I took measurements, got out the rotary cutter and ruler, and sliced away. After I had the two pieces, I realized some extra embroidery was needed. Here are the results.
One piece finished (not named yet)
Second piece finished
Here's the back of Ripples.
Reverse side of Ripples
I like the two pieces a lot better than the one I started with.
So what do you do with such small works? 
-use as bookmarks
-sew onto totebags
-sew onto bookcovers
-sew onto iPad or other tablet or laptop covers
-sew onto a Tshirt or tunic
-sew a poptop lid onto back and hang on the wall
-make into a nametag for meetings
-buy a nice desktop easel and display on a shelf
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  1. Love the idea, Regina and the way that your two works turned out. I think I will go through my drawer.......:)

  2. It's a fun thing to explore when you don't want to spend a lot of time. and yet is still very rewarding.


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