Friday, November 7, 2014

Does Your Art Overflow Into Your Everyday Life?

     Does your art influence other parts of your life? I've seen posts of other artists showing photos of themselves standing next to works of theirs and the colors of their clothes match the colors in their artworks. Not surprising since we often work with our favorite colors. If you regularly read my blog, then you know that one of my favorite and most used color is blue. I'm particularly fond of the blue-greens and teals. I especially love when I see rust colors next to them because, since they are the complimentary colors to them, they really bring them out.
     Recently, I bought a new bicycle. When I was going to shop for one I was excited about choosing a color that I would like. I was going to lean toward a blue. I wanted to get a ladies style bike. I still wanted a 21-speed, but I was having trouble getting my leg over the bar on my boy's style bike due to a hip injury. When I got to the bike store and looked on-line, I was very disappointed. The only colors to choose from in ladies style bikes in 21-speed were black and white. And to make it worse, they had flowery scroll designs on them like they don't take us seriously. The bike was good, though, and it rode well. So I bought it.
     I thought of painting it, but that involved taking it apart, sanding it down, priming it, painting it, and then reassembling it. Then I had the idea of putting decals on it to cover up the designs I didn't like. I chose my favorite color combination.
colors painted in Art Studio App
I painted them in the Art Studio App on my iPad and then I took a photo of my bike. Then I painted on top of the photo in the App with the colors to get an idea of what the bike might look like with decals with those colors. I thought it would look good so I found a company that sold them on-line and ordered a set. Dali Decals If you scroll down to "shapes" on their site you'll get to the ones I ordered. They came in stripes and dots. I only needed the stripes.
     They were relatively easy to apply, but it took several hours because I had to do a lot of cutting them to the right sizes and bending myself around to get them on right. But now I have a bike in the colors I like.
My custom bike!
     And as a bonus, after I took the photo, I noticed a brown thing in the photo next to the front wheel. I went and looked and this is what it was.
Wonderful surprise
It even matches my bike! Art is life, life is art. Color spills over. I'm linking this to Off The Wall Friday where you can find other art quilt blogs. Please make comments on their blogs to let the artists know you stopped by. Thanks for visiting.



  1. Nice bike, and what great idea to add color.

  2. Great way to personalise your bike

  3. I love what you did to your bike, very snazzy indeed and it won't look like anyone else's.


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