Thursday, November 27, 2014

What Are You Thankful For?

     I have many things to be thankful for. Too many to list. One of the things pertains to this blog. For the last month, I've been away traveling in Argentina and Chile. I wrote my posts and scheduled them before I left home, planning to link them to Nina Marie's Off The Wall Friday each week while I was on the trip when I got access to a a wifi on each Friday. As it turned out, I ended up in remote places on Fridays. Some without Internet and once with satellite access but in a bad storm and so couldn't keep a connection long enough to make the link. I was able to email Nina Marie, however, ahead of time, and she was kind enough to link me up since my blog had already posted. So many thanks to her!
     I'm also thankful for the opportunity to travel. This trip, my husband and I visited Patagonia, which is the bottom part of South America. We started in the southernmost city on Earth and then slowly made our way up the Andes Mountains northward taking buses and ferries and hiking. It was a great, adventure-filled four weeks. Here are some photos I took with my iPad. The really great photos are on my husband's really good camera, but we haven't gone through those yet.
 Oh... I should mention that I sprained my ankle while hiking in a snowstorm one of the days and got rescued by real gauchos and got to ride their horse in amazing mountain scenery, too.  I'm thankful the sprain wasn't too bad and I was able to walk after a few days.
me hiking in Torres del Paine park in Chile
the famous peaks in Torres del Paine

Perito moreno glacier in Argentina

Us on a bus heading north.
The Andes on the left mark
the border with Chile
same photo using the Waterlogue App
on the iPad which turns
photos into watercolor paintings
Patagonia has the most incredible clouds.
I think, because of the ferocious wind.
This photo is not touched up.
     How will I use these images in my quilts? I'm not sure. I have many photos of the incredible clouds. I could see using those in my designs. I have lots of photos of ice. I could see using some of those textures and colors. I love the photo of the feet in the bus window. If I need a whimsical quilt, I'll use that. I find that using the Waterlogue App helps simplify the image so I often apply it to my photos to test them out to get an idea of what they might look like in fabric if I were to want to make an art quilt of them. It's a quick way to test it out.
     Lastly, I'm thankful to be home. My first morning home, it felt so good to sit in my pajamas sipping coffee, watching Good Morning America with two cats snuggled up against me. No more backpack on my back, no more seeking out hostels, no more long bus rides, no more ferocious never-ending wind (although all that really made the trip feel like a great adventure).
     I'm linking this to Off The Wall Friday where you can find other art quilt blogs. Please make comments on their posts to let them know you stopped by. Thanks for visiting.


  1. What a fabulous adventure, Regina. Love living it vicariously from the warmth of my study.

    1. Now I'm glad for the memories from the warmth of my home, too. I'm a Florida girl and it was cold down there.

  2. i never tire of cloud watching.
    nature is always informing ins't she. i am thankful i notice..
    Those of us who must create are seeing an amazing
    earth and sky and sea daily, ya?
    i like your photos and how your converted them to watercolor!

    1. I agree about noticing the details in nature. Even when big events are happening, I pick up on small textures in a rock or a leaf or the sky. I'm glad for that, too.

  3. So glad you got to make the trip! I was in Ushuaia a few years ago and found the region magical. I am sure your trip will show up in your quilts in unexpected ways.

    1. I'm glad you got to go there, too. At first, I thought a month in Patagonia was going to be too much time. But then, it turned out there was plenty to see and do and I really immersed myself into the experience.

  4. What an exotic vacation and pics. Regina, you must be 20 to do all that hiking!
    I could just feel the comfort of sitting in pj's with cats and coffee. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

    1. In my head I'm in my 20s. But in reality, I'm in my upper 50s. It gets harder each year to keep ahead of the aches and pains that pop up.


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