Friday, July 12, 2013

Layering The Background

     After I was happy with the arrangement of the background fabrics, I placed them on top of batting and a backing fabric and straight-stitched them down using a walking foot. This is the first time I used the Pergo  Table Top we just built and the quilt top just slid right over like the surface of the table was teflon. I LOVE IT!  The white stuff you see in the photo on the left and right is shelf liner. I cut small pieces and it works well to guide the fabric as I quilt. I don't like wearing gloves. (It also works well to open jars.)
attaching fabrics

     Then I thought the edges of the fabrics looked a little too abrupt next to each other so I cut strips of a polyester light blue fabric and using a wide utility stitch, I sewed the sheer fabric strips down at the intersections of the fabrics, vertically.
Attaching sheer strip to blend fabrics

     So that's how I'll leave it for now. I need to look at it for a few days and audition a few different sized monks here and there in the foreground. And a few different rock cairns here and there. And also try out different sized suns/moons in different spots. I'm slow in making these kinds of decisions. I'll work on some smaller projects in the meantime.
Background sewn together
In some places, if I still want to blend more, I can take a brush and blend with Shiva white oil paintsik. I'll do that as one of the last things after I'm done with the foreground, though.
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  1. I love the shelf gripper idea! I also don't like to wear gloves for quilting.

  2. Brillant......I don't like wearing gloves to quilt either.....I'm going to try your shelf liner idea.....maybe it might help my quilting......machine quilting is NOT where I excel!

  3. Love the shelf liner! Great idea! The sheers do work well to mute the transitions....

  4. I can't take credit for the shelf liner idea, though. I learned it in a class from Ann Petersen on

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for sharing and for the nice comment on my blog.

  6. There's nothing more than I like a pieced background - the idea of blending with Shiva's is a great one!


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