Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making the Studio Look Nice Part 2

I finished upholstering the two chairs. Thank goodness because actually I had done four other chairs during the last few weeks (2 for our spare bedroom in an aqua fabric and 2 for our family room in a brown paisley fabric) and I don't like doing things more than once. Anyway, here are the remaining steps and photos.  Next blog post is back to art. 
1.)  I stapled the quilted and the sewn strip to the seat.
raw edge folded over and stapled to wood at seat bottom
2.) Here is the pattern on brown paper of the seat back with marks for the seam line, where the arms of the chair are, and where the ties will be. Note that my seam line isn't too even from the edge. That isn't important. It's just important that the sewing line is nice and evenly round so that the seat cover sits nicely on the chair back and doesn't have any sharp points on it.
pattern for seat back
3.) I placed the quilted pieces of the chair backs right sides together and stitched them together starting at the point of one of the arms of the chair and ending at the other arm. Clipped the curves, Turned right side out, pressed with the iron. Then I pressed the remaining sides along the seam lines and sewed them down and sewed the hems. Lastly, I sewed 12 inch pieces of bias tape for ties.

Here is a photo that shows the finished seat cover opened so you can the inside. Pardon the lack of precision sewing. I'm not too careful when it comes to functional items.
The seat-back unfolded

4.) Here's a photo of the finished seat-back. The patch in the center is from a sweater that belonged to my mother so it has a special meaning to me.

The finished seat-back
5.) To make the chair comfortable, I put a piece of foam and a pillow form that I bought at Joann's against the back before I slipped the cover over the back.
with foam a pillow

6.) And it's finished. I hope I didn't bore you with all these steps, but I thought someone might want to know how to fix up a chair. It's not difficult and it doesn't really take a lot of time. Just one step at a time.
It coordinates with Grandma's quilt!
At its desk

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