Monday, July 22, 2013

Making the Studio Look Nice Part 1

     When I was a teenager, my grandmother, who was a very talented sewist, made me a blanket by sewing together squares of flannel. They were leftovers from nightgowns she had made for my mother, my sister, and myself. My grandmother wasn't a quilter so what she did was she zig zag-stitched the squares together on top of a sheet to make the blanket. I used it on top of my bed in college and then it got put away into various closets over the years.
     When I moved furniture into my sewing studio a few months ago, I put the blanket on top of the futon and realized how much I liked the colors on it and thought that maybe it could be quilted. So I gave it to a local long-arm quilter, Julie Yaciw, in DeLeon Springs along with batting and backing fabric and she quilted it for me.
Grandma's quilt on the futon
       I have two chairs in the studio that used to be dining room chairs and aren't too comfortable. One is for working at my craft table and one is for working at my desk/computer area. I want to make them more comfortable and make them coordinate with the quilt.
original chair with vinyl seat

I dug out fabrics I already have and here are the steps I've followed. I'm sure there are other ways to upholster, but it seemed simple enough this way.
1.) Unscrew the seat and make a pattern from brown wrapping paper. I didn't have one piece of paper large enough so I taped together several pieces.

making a pattern for the seat

2.) Make a pattern for the back of the chair with brown wrapping paper.
making a pattern for the back (with help)
3.) Using scissors, cut the top of the vinyl seat off. I left the sides of the vinyl there for support. I cut the threads along the seams on the sides and the top easily came off.
removing the seat top
4.) I left the original stuffing in place. Then I cut some foam I already had and put it on top for extra cushioning. ( I love being able to use up stuff I already have... my closets are getting all cleaned out!)
there he is again
with foam on top
5.) Then I pieced together fabrics that coordinated with the quilt (one of them was from a pair of my mom's old pajamas that said "I love you") and quilted them in the ditch. Then I'll sew this onto a fabric strip that will go around the side and staple it to the bottom of the seat.

pieced and quilted patchwork cut to fit
Later I'll show you the back of the seat and how it looks all together.


  1. Your assistant looks very attentive! LOL!

    1. He is the most interactive cat we've ever had. He's always there, involved with everything that's going on. A great joy.


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