Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Quilt?

I've been racking my brain trying to come up with an idea for an exhibit I want to enter called "Color Wheel of Emotion".  Everytime I got excited about an idea, I sketched it out or created a mock-up in Photoshop Elements from my photos and/or scans. But then after awhile they seemed too trite, too ordinary, or too difficult for me to execute. Then, I was gathering spices in my kitchen to make a batch of garam masala (a set mixture of spices for curry). And I realized how colorful they were and decided to use photos of them for my color wheel. I took individual photos of them on a plate such as these four:
whole cloves
mustard seeds
cardamom pods

cinnamon sticks

Then I manipulated them and merged them into one photo looking like (sort of like) they are on the same plate at the same time. (I wanted to keep them separate in real life so that I could put them back into their bottles uncontaminated when I was done taking photos.) My plan was to interpret the composite photo in cloth and thread to create my version of a color wheel of emotion. Here is that photo:
Composite photo
but in the end I decided I wasn't ready to make that quilt. I may do it another time. While I was in the shower this evening, I glanced at an ornament hanging from our curtain and I suddenly saw my color wheel of emotion! So I photographed it, manipulated it in Photoshop with background fabric and I like it a lot. I hope I still think it is a good idea in the morning. If yes, then I'll get out my gelatin plate and monoprint the background fabrics and start creating the foreground. The deadline is the end of April. If all goes well, I'll be able to make it.

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  1. Isn't it amazing to see what can spark a good idea? It will be fun seeing how you make this into a finished quilt.


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