Monday, January 28, 2013

Creating a Background for a Quilt

Now that I've made a few posts to you on this blog, let me tell you the big picture of what is going on in my art life. I've joined a group of international artists and each of us has set a goal for the year. Some have set a goal to write a book, sell more art, try new techniques, create a small piece of art each day. My goal is to create a cohesive body of work. That basically means that I want to create several works of art around a theme and by doing so, develop my own style. I decided that my theme will be prayer flags and that by creating several art quilts around that theme I hope to develop a unique style. I recently posted photos that show you some of the fabrics I made for the first quilt. Here are some that show you how I put fabrics together to create a background. The next step will be to quilt it.
using a sheer to help blend fabrics
Also using a sheer fabric
A side-view showing white and blue sheers laying on top
The background (the smudge in the top right is just a shadow...not a gray fabric)

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