Thursday, January 10, 2013

Making More Sales in a Fun Way

I found a very interesting site that shows how to sell more of your art (or any product). It involves writing your product descriptions in  a very enticing manner. As a result, I was up until 2 AM rewriting the descriptions of my quilts that I have posted on my website. I was only going to fix up a couple of them last night and then finish up the others today, but I got on a roll and was really having fun with it. Remember the J. Peterman catalogue from the Seinfeld show? It was a catalogue of clothing with very amusing and engaging descriptions of how the clothes could be used. I felt like I was writing copy for the Peterman catalogue last night. By the way, the J. Peterman company really exists. I get the catalogue in the mail and love to read it. Here's an example of one of my rewrites:

" You are riding a bicycle on dirt roads around hundreds of temples built between the 11th and 13th century. It's in Bagan (Pagan) in Myanmar. Some areas have desert-like conditions and others are grassy areas. The Irrawaddy River runs nearby. Some of the temples are piles of rubble and others almost completely preserved. (It's also very hot and you buy sodas frequently from locals stationed among the ruins.) But it is a great couple of days.
     The metal adornments give the feel of three dimensions like the towers of the temples and the combinations of sheer fabrics in places and fibers in others give the feel of the sandy, bumpy paths.
     This quilt is an abstract interpretation of my memories of the maze of paths. It includes some photos I took there. This is one of those places that is on many travelers' bucket lists.

Materials: Commercial cotton fabrics, sheer fabrics, tulle, image transfers, beads, metal disks, stamped fabric, trims

Processes: fused, machine-sewn, machine-quilted, hand-embroidered

The wooden hanger shown in the photo is not included. Sorry."

Here's the link to the site I found. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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