Saturday, January 19, 2013

An organization worth joining

If you are an artist in the fiber arts or want to be, you should consider joining SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates). My membership has helped me so much. As a member, you regularly receive full color journals with photos and wonderful articles, e.bulletins and e.newsletters with calls to artists and info on exhibits in your area, eligibility for juried member exhibitions, ability to participate in the Visioning Project to help you reach your artistic goals, access to mentorship conferences, and you can listen to all sorts of webinairs. I listened to one called Blogging 101 by Melanie Testa that helped me understand the blogging world. Thank you, Melanie. Professional artists receive even more benefits than those. Visit for details.
Just visiting the site is a sight for sore eyes. You will see beautiful art quilts scroll on by. I often go there just to relax.

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  1. I am happy for you, it sounds as if you have found a balm.


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