Friday, January 25, 2013

Using Found Objects

My art group set a challenge a while ago. We would collect found objects for one year. Then we would bring them in to show everyone what we found. After that we had three months to make an art quilt using many of the objects. Since I was a teacher at a high school, I had no problem getting interesting things left on the sidewalks. If anything looked valuable, I turned it in to the lost and found. Other things, I told the office about but no one ever claimed them. Here is the quilt that resulted from this challenge.
The Cast-Offs
I put a bleach product onto some of them and pressed them into the fabric to discharge it and get some of the patterns.  To quote part of its description on my website: " I wonder what data is on that CD? I wonder what love story is attached to that heart? I wonder what's up with those castles? It's an enigma as the plastic tag says."
Here are some more objects found on campus and around town waiting for their spotlight.

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  1. I love what you did with this idea, Regina! And that you found the things on the DHS campus!!! What fun!!!
    Also... I love the idea that found objects have stories to tell. Some years ago I did some mosaic sea turtles. The bases had room for "stuff" under the turtles as if it was their collection. Each turtle had a story to tell.
    Your fiber work is fantastic!!! I'm so glad that Elaine told me about your page and blog!
    Katie (Bailey) Waller


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