Thursday, February 21, 2013

Going Green

I was surfing the Internet and found two sites about making memo pads from envelopes and scrap paper. I modified the directions from both of them to make memo pads from envelopes that I get in the mail. I used the outer envelopes from bills that I get and from the envelopes enclosed in mail that I don't use. I even used envelopes that had transparent, plastic windows and envelopes that had a lot of writing on them. The security envelopes have designs in them that are like decorative papers. Some of the envelopes even have pictures on them. I figure I can write around the pictures and the text that is already on them. Here are the 2 sites: using scrap paper for memo pad  and . I'll be checking these sites in the future for other DIY green crafts. Since I'm all about fabric, I used scrap pieces of fabric to cover my memo pads. Here are some photos of the steps I took and the final products.
Finished memo pads with Marsha Derse fabrics glued to them
to make front and back covers. The fabric is glued
the whole way around so that it covers the folded
edges, too. I used Mod Podge as the glue.

I sliced 3 sides off of each envelope leaving
each envelope about 3 inches wide. I then folded the cut
envelopes in half. The patterned white  thing
you see at the bottom is part of a shelf liner, I use
it to keep the paper and ruler from sliding around.

Here are 3 of pads with their folded sides
glued to each other. The clips are holding the
folded envelopes together until
they dry.

flipping through to show you a page that
has patterns and a window.

Flipping through to show you pages that
have text.

Flipping through to show you pages that have cute
pictures and a window.

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