Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's Starting to Look Like a Real Composition Now

Well, my prayer flag quilt is starting to look like it's coming together nicely now. Since I last posted photos, I've added some more Shiva Paintstiks in white and blue to blend the areas more. And I've machine quilted most of it. (I'll need to add quilting after the prayer flags are added). I quilted the top portion in horizontal wavy lines with beige thread to give the feeling of wind. I quilted the botton portion in circles with a light russet thread to give the feeling of rocks and cobblestone.
bottom part quilted
orb with the quilting

the entire piece quilted
I think this is the last time I'll show the whole quilt on-line. I will add the prayer flags and show you a few of those up close. Then I'll add the actual focal point and finish quilting and then finish the edges. The reason I won't show the whole quilt is that I want to enter it into some shows and I don't think the quilt should be unveiled until the show (if it gets accepted). If it's not accepted, then I'll put it on-line for all to see. I hope that you are enjoying watching the process of making an art quilt.
It was particularly difficult to do the machine quilting last night because my kitten kept jumping up on the table and darting underneath the quilt, burrowing under the machine table extension, and popping out on my lap. I had to set up a tent with an afghan for him to play in to keep him away. He loves watching the spool of thread vibrate when the machine is going as soon as he hears it, he stops what he is doing and comes by to entertain me. There is no way I can get angry, though. He's just too cute. 
So what do you think about the quilt so far? What do you think about the process?


  1. Well it's already beautiful. I can hardly wait to see it completed. So....I'm torn. I want to wish that you get accepted in the shows....but I don't want to wait to see the finished piece!! What a dilemma! :-0

  2. It is a dilemma. I want to keep sharing to show steps involved, but I'm not sure that organizers of an exhibit would want finished quilts to be revealed until the unveiling of their show.


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