Monday, February 25, 2013

New Quilt for Auction

I'm going to donate a quilt to SAQA for an auction. The requirement is that it be 12 x 12. What I did so far to make it is I scanned in fabrics that I made for my prayer flag quilt. I manipulated them in Photoshop Elements 10 and added part of a photo I took on Sanibel Island in Florida. Here is the result:
The next step is to print it. Since my printer only prints standard size, I'll have to print the background in several pieces. Then I'll cut them up and put them onto batting. I'll print the orb and the birds onto a sheer chiffon and fuse them onto the background. Then I'll quilt, hand-embroider, and probably sew on a pillowcase backing. If you've been following my blog, then you've seen some of these fabrics as I made them and you've seen some of the steps I followed to make my prayer flag quilt.
By the way, the prayer flag quilt is finished. I sent in an application and photos of it to SAQA's Text Message exhibit. Now I have to wait to see if it gets in - fingers crossed.
I made a second prayer flag quilt and only have to finish some hand embroidery and I'll submit that one to another exhibit. I think I've found my way to creating a body of work!
If the two quilts don't get accepted, I'll post photos of them here and on my website.

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