Friday, February 15, 2013

Some More Photos of Monoprinted Fabrics

 Here are some other photos of fabrics I had monoprinted on gelatin. You can see other photos on earlier posts in this blog. I used regular acrylic paints mixed with textile paints because I want to use up the paint I have before I buy more. I had read warnings not to mix different brands or types of paints together to get the best quality. But it turns out I like the way these fabrics came out. They have a certain amount of graininess but the hand of the fabric wasn't changed that much. It is a little stiffer than if I had used only textile paint, but since it is for a wall art quilt and not clothing or a bed quilt, that's OK with me. Plus these fabrics will be used to represent rocks and windy skies so the texture will work well for that purpose. I think I will make more fabrics this way for my series.
Gray Paint Monoprint with string masks. The droplets were made by spraying the painted gelatin surface with water just before pressing the fabric onto it
Gray monoprinted fabric with Shiva Paintstiks(white, teal, and russet) rubbed onto in with stencil brushes after it was dry. This softens the texture and adds interesting patterns.

Teal Paint Monoprint. The ovals were made by pressing a toilet paper cardboard into the paint on the gelatin surface before pressing the fabric onto it. Note the graininess of the texture in most places. The mottled areas are where water droplets were added to the painted gelatin plate before the fabric was pressed onto it.

Here is a link to an interesting blog that Ill be following:
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  1. Oh I LOVE monoprints!! Beautiful results on these, too!

  2. Interesting use of these fabrics. I have some monoprints that I need to use.

  3. These are beautiful -- so soft and soothing. Interesting textures. (I found you through Off the Wall Fridays.)

  4. I like these very much, Regina. I too have had no problems mixing one brand of acrylic paint with a different brand of textile medium. If you sample (like you're doing), then if it doesn't work...try again! You've been blessed with a great result right off the bat. I especially like the turquoise if tiny bugs on the surface of a pond have created rings in the water...

  5. I love monoprinting. It is so much fun and I really love your grey string resist piece!


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