Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Be Happy

I found out today that my second prayer flag quilt was also not accepted into a showing in which I had hoped to be selected. It was for QuiltingArts Magazine's "Text Me" challenge. I'm trying to be upbeat in spite of that. Here is my entry:
Spread Peace 2
You can see similarities and differences between this quilt and Spread Peace 1 quilt (which I still need to change in the area of the monk to make a better design).

I'm very happy with the fabrics that I created for these quilts and will continue to make some quilts with fabrics like them. I feel like I'm onto a worthwhile series. I'm also hoping to make some more quilts with prayer flags as the theme. Once I fix up Spread Peace 1, I'll enter it into another exhibit.
     I must say that I'm not used to getting rejected. When I was a science teacher (which I was for 23 years), I worked hard and strived to be the best teacher I could and my work was always evaluated objectively (as it should be in science). I could therefore know ahead of time if I was performing up to par or not since I knew what the criteria was. But with art, my works are evaluated subjectively (as they should) so I can't tell how I'm doing when I enter a piece into a show or a challenge. I have to get used to that.
And, I think, the bottom line is that I make my art to please me. I hope others like it and I want it to be exhibited (and sold to those who like it), but that isn't my main purpose. I'm very lucky that I'm retired from my other career and now I can pursue a passion just for me.


  1. You're right as artists we do have to get used to rejection and not take it personally. One year I sent a piece that I did a lot of work on and was very proud of to a juried show. It not only didn't win anything, it got some negative comments but then Quilting Arts saw it and loved it and asked me to write an article about it.
    It still gets lots of compliments and I love it so there you go.
    I guess it's important to keep developing our ideas and doing what we love.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting, Holly. I'm blessed that I discovered the art quilting world and get to spend so much time involved in it. And I like that I'm learning new aspects of art and growing with each piece I make. It's good to be a lifelong learner.


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