Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Step 2 of The Stamping Experiment

The next step is to choose the color palette and focus in on one part of the cloth on which to begin.
Threads I will probably use
I plan on doing this artwork mostly by hand. I need a break from machine sewing after the weeks at the machine I just spent. Plus, it will be fun to practice hand stitches and maybe learn some new ones. Do you have anything you want me to show you in detail as I go? Please ask.


  1. Looking forward to where you are going with this. One of the stamps you used on your fabric gives me an idea. I may ask make a copy! Tricia

    1. Sure, I can show you the stamps I used. The one with the kind of straight lines started from another texture exercise I did where I glued uncooked rice onto a square of cardstock and after it dried, I scanned it in. Then I played with the image in Photoshop Elements to increase the contrast. I liked the texture so I carved a stamp using a lino cutter and an Easy Cut square. You could also get a cool effect of it by using the scan to make a Thermofax of it.

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