Thursday, May 2, 2013

Step 3 of The Stamping Experiment

I stitched with the first color of thread. I used a perle cotton thread in a bright blue. I chose a favorite stitch from childhood called the Lazy Daisy Stitch. But since I didn't make a flower and connect the loops it's actually called the Chain Stitch-Detached. (I found that out when I looked it up last night in an old embroidery book I have.) Here is a link to some handy stitches and to another blog that is helpful, colorful, and fun from  Jane LaFazio .
Step 3 of Stamping Experiment
So what does this look like to you so far? Please tell us? The more opinions we have, the more interesting this will become.


  1. I would like to see some scattered straight stitching angled from right to left for tension. I use that somtimes and like how it looks.

  2. I like seeing some color popping into the gray and texture on the flat plane. Since I'm also slowly doing this book and have done some carving for it, You're inspiring me to follow your lead!

  3. Thanks so far. This is getting more fun. Anyone see any images emerging? My husband told me what he saw and it was totally different than what I was going for but I liked his idea. Let's see how many different things people see.

  4. Imho the blue stitches are too evenly scattered, turning some of them round not withstanding. I'd go for some areas of built up concentration - leaving some areas more open or even empty of stitching - and in those areas I'd use paler shades of the vlue and some pale grey....

  5. Hi Regina,

    Responding to this via your invitation from the SAQA Yahoo group. I'm not fond of stamping (fabric or paper)...but you have done it well on that piece. However, I think if some of the Detached Chain stitches were 'Attached' -- to echo the floral motif stamped through the centre -- whether over the stamped motif or around it...

    Right now I see no images other than the stamped flowers, which is quite a dominant image (at least, on my monitor!) The Detached Chains resemble wee fishies...again, that's just how they strike me. :-)

  6. To me the blue stitches look like basket weaving. Am curious as to how this turns out. Fun project.

    1. I'm always curious to see how my art turns out, too. For my last piece, if you had shown it to me 3 weeks ago, I would have asked "who is the artist?" It's amazing how the brain works and pulls things out you didn't know where there.

  7. My first thoughts when I saw this was it resembled a basket. I see someone else thought similar. I do like how some of the blue stitches changed direction...unexpected and adds interest.


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