Thursday, May 30, 2013

Storage Solutions Part 1

When I was shopping for furniture in thrift shops one day I was really tired and hungry and I wandered down an aisle and saw a closed wood box and thought "I don't need another small box even though it is wood and only $2." I passed it up and then thought I should at least open it up and look inside. So I went back and noticed it had metal hinges. I opened it and saw that inside, it had red cloth and white teflon dividers. It was for storing knives. I thought maybe the teflon dividers would be good separators for my presser feet. So I bought it. Better than dividing the presser feet, the pressure feet clicked right into the dividers!
     The other side of the box didn't have the teflon, but was divided in half and my sulky and mettler thread spools fit perfectly in there. I like my threads in boxes so that they don't collect dust. The box wouldn't fit whole into the drawers I had bought to put under my sewing table, but the hinges of the box popped right out with a screw driver and I could then put the two halves of the box into the drawers separately. So here are the photos of that box in the drawers and outside of it. I store my sewing machine parts in the box with the pressure feet, too.
The box inside the 1st drawer under the sewing table

The box outside the drawer

The box inside the 2nd drawer under the sewing table
Notice the red dividers between the cool colors of threads and the warm colors. I was amazed that the sizes fit perfectly.
The box outside the drawer
Under this box, the drawer is deep enough to store more thread so I have my larger spools there on old plastic storage. 

This is also in the 2nd drawer under the other threads
These are easy to pull out when I need them, too. I have safety pins and large straight pins and thimbles there on the left. 

So keep your eyes out for old knife storage boxes.


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