Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Step 7 of The Stamping Experiment

     Well, so far my blog looks the same to me. The ax hasn't fallen yet. I've been busy stitching and organizing my studio.
      Regarding the stamping experiment, it is almost at its end. I used embroidery floss in a raspberry hue in a stem stitch to outline some petals of flowers. Then to give them more of an accent, I added some more petals in a straight stitch in a paler value of perle cotton. And stuck some very pale pink perle cotton in there for a highlight. I stitched some straight stitches in the center of each flower in a golden perle cotton topped with french knots to finish them off.  Where the third spiral used to be, I added some more chain stitch-detached stitches in blue and think I will add some more in that spot to make it darker there. Following the photos, I'll make some observations that occurred to me as I've looked at this piece lately.

1.) This piece has become more about embroidery than about the stamping design and texture.

2.) One of the parts of the stamping I liked the most was the floral stamping. It had white outlines around it that suggested batik to me and those outlines got covered up by the stitching. Perhaps I should have stitched flowers around the stamped flower images instead of on top of them.

3.) I had intended to have the thread merely act as an accent to the gray paint; not overtake it.

4.) If I wanted to pursue this stamping/embroidery, I would have to make many more iterations to get the effect I intended. But I want to get back to creating my body of work and this was just a side bar to that to see what would happen.

5.) I'll show you the finished product/s in a few days.


  1. I agree, Regina, that the embroidery dominates. In this case, the stamping created a back drop for a composition that really 'blossomed' with the stitching.

  2. I like what has happened with the embroidery, it's made a much more interesting composition.

    1. Thanks, Linda. I love your embroidery work and that is one of the things that inspired this project. I do follow your Notes from Studio B blog. I get it on FeedReader.


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