Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Studio Part 2

Here are some more photos of the tour. Looking under the sewing table are some storage bins of fabrics. Blue and green are my favorite colors so those are my largest collections. The fabrics are just smushed in there. I used to try to be neat and arrange them by value, but I gave up on that pretty quickly. Also, I have all kinds of fabrics in there. The only ones I keep separately are my sari silks. I keep those in a plastic bin and the silks are sorted by color (sort of) in zip locks in the bin. Between the window and the sewing table, I've stuffed bags of batting and leftover bits of foam (messy; but hidden). The dresser under the ironing table back there has all my yarns and fusibles. And there is Opus my always present companion waiting to pounce on anything that moves. Notice there are no pin cushions... he'll pull out the pins and eat them... no kidding. I have to put everything away as soon as I am finished or else we will need to take a trip to the vet.

Here is my cutting table. I need to get risers to raise it up about six inches higher. Under it is where most of my fabric is stored. It is arranged by color except that I have the sheer fabrics in separate bins from the opaque fabrics. When I get going, I just pull out whole drawers and the table top gets covered. Such fun! You can just see my design wall peaking out over to the left beyond the futon. So from the sewing table and the cutting table I get a good view of works in progress hanging there.

cutting table
And on the other side of the cutting table is a nice reading area and a place where I can sit and hand sew. Presently, I just have a sheet covering the futon, but in a couple of weeks, I'll have a quilt on it.

So that brings you fully around the room. 
The next few posts, I'll open drawers and show you how I store threads and a really cool find from a thrift store to use to store presser feet.

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