Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stamping Revived!

I was disappointed that I had lost the stamping texture due to all the embroidery and one of my friends who had been following the progress came up with a great idea. Trish suggested that I could insert some of the leftover stamped fabric in between the embroidery. I liked that idea. So I cut up the embroidery, put cut piece of leftover stamped fabric onto batting, and connected all the pieces together. In addition, I got to use a presser foot I had never used before to connect the pieces. I used pressure foot #10. How easy that made it to connect the pieces with a zig zag stitch. I think I'll be using that foot a lot in the future. To finish, I zig zagged a colorful yarn around the edges. The experiment is over! Thanks Trish. Be sure to visit  Off The Wall Friday  to see several great postings of art quilts from other artists and do make comments on their postings. By the way, my blog is all cleared up now so it's easy for you to make comments here, too.
In The Marsh


  1. Way to go! I like this so much better since it showcases all your fabric as well as the embroidery.

  2. That what I like about textiles. There is usually a solution or another "design opportunity".


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