Friday, May 10, 2013

Step 6 of The Stamping Experiment

     I don't think I told you in the previous posts a detail about this experiment. Since I'm an art quilter, I did put batting under this stamped fabric and a piece of cotton fabric underneath that to make a quilt sandwich and I'm stitching through all the layers.
     I removed the spiral that was bothering me. Now I miss it. The piece needs a third one somewhere. I'll add one later on. It also will need a focal point. That will come later on, too. In this step, I added chartreuse perle cotton in a stitch I had never heard of before.  It's called cretan-slanting stitch. I couldn't find a tutorial for the the slanting version I used. I found it in my embroidery book, but here is the link to the cretan stitch, itself. She also has other versions of it. .

cretan stitch-slanting

So, please make comments about what you think this piece is going to become. Are any images forming in your imagination now? Keep in mind that my art is not totally realistic. I like to stylize images. The more people that share their ideas, the more fun this experiment becomes. Thanks for reading and looking. And be sure to check out this blog today and every Friday for really interesting art quilts. Off The Wall Friday


  1. I love the texture with this - its hard for me to guess where its going since it has so much potential. It does remind me of summer's walking along the lake Erie beachglassing. It might need a focal point. Or maybe not - there has been this whole discussion about the value of focal points and if art really needs them. I like them though - grin!


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