Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Studio Part 1

     I neatened up my new studio and gave its first photo shoot. It still has some odds and ends to go before it is complete but it is now a working studio. I doubt it will stay this neat, but I want to start out this way. I took a bunch of shots, but will show you a few here and there over the next few posts. I'm finding it a wonderful place in which to work and can't thank my husband enough for coming up with the idea for me to get my own place in the house. 
As you enter the room, here is my desk with my catalogued magazines on top and binders with articles and lessons on Photoshop. In the large drawer is my copier/printer/scanner which I connect to my laptop as needed. In the tall dresser I keep stationery supplies, markers, greeting cards, envelopes, stamps, cardstock, papers, transparencies, computer supplies, etc.
west wall

 Farther along the west wall I set up a craft table. It is a hollow wood door set atop a kitchen cabinet and an end table that I bought at thrift stores. All of these need to be painted; probably white. I have a small refrigerator that we got for free when our large one under warranty broke and took a long time to repair. This small one will be nice for when I get into using dyes. (I hope to upholster this chair, too.)

also west wall
And then this is the view you see when you walk in the studio. Nice, big windows for me and the cats. And their window seat. I'm going to cover those pillows with a quilted patchwork, eventually. I have big plans to have my sewing machine sit flush with the surface without carving a hole in the table. Intrigued? I'll show you the steps of how to do that in a few weeks (I have to wait until my husband retires in 2 weeks... I could probably do it myself, but I would rather let him.)

That's all for now. I'll show more later. And I'll show you some details of my storage.

south wall

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