Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Quick Message

Awhile ago I inadvertently switched to Google+. It sounded like that would allow me to connect to more people. Instead, it ended up confusing me and it turned out it only allowed members of Google+ to leave comments on my blog. So yesterday, I downgraded back to regular Google. Over the next few days, Google is going to delete my posts and comments. BOO HOO. I don't know why that is necessary to downgrade. I don't know if they mean they will delete ALL my posts and comments on my entire blog or just the ones since I upgraded. So you may see changes. Time will tell how it will all end up. I love the social aspect of all this technology, but sometimes it makes my head want to explode. I like to keep my life as simple as possible. I'll keep posting as usual and see what happens. I hope you keep reading and I hope you make comments and ask questions. Here is a photo of Opus, one of my two cats playing hide and seek under some crinoline. It's how I feel waiting for the fall out from Google.


  1. Will hang in there with you, Regina!

  2. Thanks for the info on Google +. Now I'm glad I'm slow and didn't update as they keep asking me to do.

  3. I enjoy following by email :-) I have been reluctant to use the Google+.
    I read this article this morning, check it out

    1. I just read that article, too. I'll wait for + until it is more widespread. I gave it a try, but it just seemed to complicate things and confuse me and my readers. I'm still a Neanderthal in many ways (and like it that way). And in other ways, I embrace high tech. I love Photoshop and love to incorporate it in my art. I love "meeting" people all over the globe via the Internet. I love on-line workshops. Maybe I need a workshop on Google+. Not now. :)

  4. I feel your pain! I spent the last week having fits trying to redesign my site with Weebly through BlueHost - not a good idea. Finally got it all straightened out and am working directly from so all is well. But the feeling that your head was going to explode? In spades!!!

    I didn't know that about google plus - thanks for the warning!


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