Thursday, April 11, 2013

It Has Begun

     The construction crew left this morning for the last time. I baked cookies while they were here and gave them to them as a thank you when they were leaving. I have absolutely no complaints about the whole experience. They did a good job.
     I washed the floor, put the small desk where I think it will live and moved the futon to a temporary spot before it is sold. Anyone want to buy a used futon with a nice, sturdy wood frame? It opens into a double bed.
     Then I went to the thrift store and bought a lovely diningroom table for $50. It is a perfect size for a sewing table. After school is out in June, I'll have my husband cut a corner out for the sewing machine and build it so the machine will sit flush with the surface of the table. Here is a website that has directions on how to do it. make-sewing-machine-table  and here is another one: sewing-table-tutorial. I'll let him choose which one to follow. For now, I can use the table just like I've been using our diningroom table for years with the sewing machine on top.
     After I leave you, I'll move my fabric storage boxes into the studio and set up my in-process quilt and get working cutting and fusing. It is going to be so GREAT working in a large room.  I leave you with a photo I took of an incense burner in front of candles. It represents me "in the zone". Ohm....stitch, stich, Ohm...


  1. And now you can have fun setting everything up and enjoying your big space. My husband built a room in the garage for me to use as a studio a few years ago and it's wonderful not being cramped any more. Of course, it's easy to fill that space too...Glad the construction crew did well for you.

  2. Oh Regina! I'm so excited for you! I still remember the euphoria of setting up my studio just like I wanted it! Of course, even though my studio seemed HUGE 7 years ago (18' X 28'), like Sande said - it is easy to fill and by now I'm searching for places to put stuff! So far, my husband has disregarded any suggestions to enlarge the space....bummer. I do hope you will post photos when you get more settled. I LOVE seeing other people's work spaces! It can be inspiring.


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