Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eye Candy for You

I've been so busy working on my SAQA entry for the Color Wheel of Emotion exhibit I haven't taken the time to make a new post. Yesterday I started working about 8AM and quit after midnight. I took an hour and a half break for my volunteer job helping a four-year old read in the morning and in the evening I attended an art show put on by our high school in which some of my ex students had works exhibited. It was good seeing them again. Anyway, I'm on schedule with my quilt. I have about 45 minutes of embroidery to do today still and then only the binding to put make and put on. And of course, I have to take good photos of it which is always frustrating for me. But I have plenty of time left. I can't show you photos of the quilt, but here is a photo of the silks I used on it. I absolutely love their colors and the patterns of the dyes in them. They make my heart sing!

Small part of my quilt
This is a very small part of my quilt with some of the silks and some cotton that was snow-dyed by Kelly Hendrickson.  Back to work. Once I'm finished, I hope to make this blog more about you. Take care and have an artful day.

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